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New Dealer Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Stanfields Wholesale Dealer.  Although we do not offer any town or regional dealer exclusivity, we will be mindful of the locations of our existing dealers before we open any new account.

For traditional retail dealers with a physical location our minimum order is $500.

For promotional / ad specialty dealers who are members in good standing with PPPC our minimum order is $1,000 and all Stanfields goods ordered must be decorated (embroidery, screen-print, patch, heat press applications etc.) before they are resold. We reserve the right to close a PPPC account if Stanfields goods are being resold without decoration.

Although Stanfields does not have a Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP Policy) ¬†we do insist that our Authorized Stanfields Wholesale Dealers respect the MSRP as listed in our various product catalogues. We reserve the right to close an account, at our sole discretion, if Stanfields goods are being advertised at a discount below MSRP beyond what would be considered a reasonable amount of time during an account’s promotional activities.

Please contact Rick Hastings Agencies for more information.